My Morning Coffee | 我被遺棄了

My Morning Coffee

This morning was such a tragic morning. I found out that my MOST FAVORITE morning coffee place has permanently closed down. I was in shock! I stood in front of the store dumbfounded, trying to peek through the windows to find any sign of renovations, indicating that it was only a temporary shut down. But there was nothing. 90% of the store had been cleared out. People passing by was staring at me wondering what the heck was wrong with me. Then tears started rolling.... Just kidding! I'm not that big of a drama queen... heh

But still it literally feels like someone just broke up with me. My morning coffee from Peet's is the one thing that I look forward to every morning when I wake up and what keeps me going throughout the day. Yes, I am in love with this coffee. (Well, more like it's my ecstasy, coke, weed, whatever drug you'd like to call it.) It somehow puts me into an awesomely good mood every morning that lasts the entire day, which no coffee from anywhere else can do.

But now it has left me. I have nothing to look forward to when I wake up. The coming winter looks so grim! The thought of getting warmed up by Peet's coffee is what pulls me out of bed during those bleak, gloomy days. How am I going to survive this coming winter?! T_T


咖啡對我來說一直只是用來解決我的睡魔,不是因為喜歡喝而喝,直到嚐到Peet's的咖啡,喝第一口就愛上它了。它比其他品牌的咖啡濃郁得多,味覺上有很厚的層次感,有點像紅酒品種裏的Cabarnet Sauvignon吧,有人嫌它太苦澀,我就覺得剛剛好,苦澀裏帶點甘香,是其他咖啡做不到的效果。在嚴寒的早晨裏,拿著暖暖的一杯,一口一口地喝著,暖胃又提神,真的能讓我暫時忘記那灰溜溜的天空。



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