The Love of My City | 歸屬感

The Love of My City

While in Seattle waiting to board my flight back to Boston, images of my past four days in Vancouver were rolling through my mind like a Kaleidoscope. I couldn't stop thinking how much I have missed the city, my childhood friends, and the house and neighborhood that I grew up in.

It suddenly dawned on me that I can attribute the cities that I've lived in like lovers that I've fallen in love with. Here's how I'd attribute them:

Vancouver = The first love that I'll never forget. The city that contains my happiest memories. After leaving it for over a decade, I'm still in love with it!

San Diego = An ex-lover that I'm now best friends with. SD reminds me of the hardworking and ambitious self during my college days. I only wish that motivation and passion in me never die down.

Hong Kong = An ex-lover that I barely talk to. Never was, is and will probably never be a big fan of it; even though, technically, it is my true hometown. I never really feel like I belong there.

Boston = A lover that I'm still trying to breakup with. I've definitely met some great friends here but still doesn't beat the hardships that I went through. I'm sure years down the road, I'll look back on this 'relationship' and appreciate every bit of it. But right now, my loathe is blinding me from doing so. >_<

What do you think? Not a bad comparison, huh? ^_-






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